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Desai Companies is a fast-growing holding company based in the Southeast. We are actively involved in the development and acquisition of successful businesses.

About us

We see challenges as opportunities

Desai Companies is a fast-growing holding company based in Southeast. We are actively involved in the development and acquisition of successful businesses ranging from e-commerce to real estate. Our goal is to create long term value for our stakeholders and develop efficient, sustainable enterprises.


Having our roots in the hotel industry gave us a deep understanding of commercial real estate as well as an expertise in business operations and asset management. 

Since 2015 our team has invested over $100mm in transactions which has propelled our vision to expand to other sectors where our knowledge could be applied to diversify the company’s portfolio.


At Desai Companies we are committed to developing strong partnerships; we are a holding company that supports management teams for long term growth with the goal of becoming industry leaders in their respective markets.

Together we achieve more

At Desai Companies we strive to create value. We don’t buy and sell companies, we are in the business of transformation. Great companies are created over a long period of time and require hard work, that is why we believe in supporting management teams and recruiting people that share our passion.

Sunny Desai

Investment Criteria

Desai Companies typically invests in businesses with a strong track record and a proven business model with the characteristics

EBITDA margin: >15%

Robust company culture

Operation in the U.S.

Ethical management

Investment Sectors

Desai Companies Investment Sector Real Estate

Real Estate

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Desai Companies Investment Sector Venture Capital

Venture Capital

Desai Companies Investment Sector eCommerce


Our Team

There’s power in a group of people who work together toward a shared goal.

Our Executive Team has 50+ years of experience in investment, manufacturing, construction and finance. Our Advisory Team has developed companies across multiple industries and will provide guidance and expert advice to introduce our company to new sectors. Our only outside board member is CEO & Chairman of a private equity firm with over $3 billion dollars in assets.

Investment Process

Our main interest is to invest in companies that represent an opportunity to apply our experience and knowledge to maximize your profits and generate value for your market and collaborators.

  1. The evaluation process commences with the review of the economic activity of a company through the analysis of its financial statements. 
  2. It is important to understand the trajectory of a possible acquisition. For that reason, we request financial statements for at least the previous 5 years of operation.
  3. The process continues with an approach to meet the stakeholders of the company. The purpose of this conversation is to clarify initial questions about the company and schedule a visit to the facilities to learn first-hand about the reality that cannot be reflected in the financial statements.
  1. The deal structure agreement outlines the rights and obligations of all the involved parties in an acquisition process. This is a guideline to understand what each party is entitled to and obliged to do under the agreement.
  2. Our focus is generally in traditional structures of an M&A like asset acquisition, stock purchase, and mergers. However we are also open to creative and flexible deal structuring methods.

Contact Us

If you are a business owner and would like to receive more information please email us.